It’s a hard life…..

Welcome to ‘Love The Alps’ where we celebrate all things Alpine! We are unashamedly biased – we can’t get enough Alpine time. And we hope that you too can share in our passion be it here in the Alps, via this blog, or perhaps it might inspire you to take an Alpine Adventure of your own?
We’ll kick things off with a ‘big-up’ for Alpine seasons – which are undoubtedly awesome!…….
After an amazing winter with plenty of snow and skiing fun we are peeling off the layers and readying ourselves for the coming summer. One of the best and most life changing things about living in the Alps is the changing seasons. When its winter in the Alps, its winter, proper winter. Snow, ice, minus temperatures for weeks or months on end, big fury boots that your feet hibernate in for 5 months and a beanie hat that doesn’t leave your noggin except for showers & bed (although for some that is optional!). It is truly winter as it should be (think Narnia). Summer, thank goodness, is the polar opposite, plus 20/30 degrees, green, green pastures, flip-flop tans, lake swims and hot sweaty hikes – apart from a white sandy beach (although we have Annecy lake) an awesome surf break and a row of palm trees, it lacks nothing! There are of course some downsides – two wardrobes (yes ladies, yes), oh and at some point you have to pack your skis in the cupboard and take out the climbing & biking kit – it really is a hard life, but as they say, someone has to do it.
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